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Financial Aid Helps Students to Prepare for Ministry

Kaitlynn Merckling, left, is one of the many students who receive financial aid at EBI. In fact, it made the difference in her choosing to attend Elim. Kaitlynn spent this past summer in Africa in an EBI internship with long-time Elim leader Sylvia Evans; she hopes to go back after graduation.

EBI gives $250,000 every year in scholarships and financial aid to enable students like Kaitlynn to receive training for ministry—and all of it comes from donations by people who believe in Elim’s mission of raising up the next wave of God’s world-changers. Is He speaking to you about partnering with EBI to help students fulfill God’s call? You can donate to the EBI Scholarship or Work-Study Funds and make a difference now.

Contribute to the Student Scholarship or Work-Study Fund.

Grads Continuing the Mission

The mission of Elim is to “prepare Christian workers and servant-leaders for revival ministry worldwide, who manifest the character of Christ and who minister in the supernatural power of the […]

Keep Learning – Take An Online Class

You don’t have to live on or even near campus to attend Elim! Our online courses are open to alumni, pastors, missionaries, career professionals, high-school students, current EBI&C students—anyone interested in […]

Hurdling to Accreditation

What is ACCREDITATION? College accreditation is “a voluntary, independent review of educational programs to determine that the education provided is of uniform and sound quality. Being awarded accreditation ensures that an institution […]

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