EBI&C uses a college management software called Populi. You can do all sorts of things in Populi, like view your schedule, get your syllabi and book lists, check your grades, view and pay your bill, contact your instructors and other classmates, and even submit your assignments online. We’re really excited about Populi and we think you will be too! To learn more about Populi, you can visit their website.

How do I access Populi?

What is my Elim email address, and how do I check it?

You can find out your Elim email address by logging in to Populi. It’s listed on your profile under the Info tab. Typically, it is your first initial, last name, and the year the address was created. So a person named John Smith would have an address like jsmith10@elim.edu
The easiest way to check your email is to sign in to Populi, then click the “Email” link at the top.