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We’re excited that you are ready to apply at Elim Bible Institute and College. If you are a U.S. resident, the application process is quite simple. Check out ‘The Application Process‘ to review the application requirements before you get started.

If you have any problems or questions at any point in the application process please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-670-3546 or email us at Once you start an application, you’ll be asked to verify your email address and a link will be sent to the e-mail you provided. This link doesn’t expire and will be your key to completing your application when you are ready. We recommend you keep that email handy (or bookmark the link) as it is the simplest way for you to access your application at a later date; but if you can’t find the email with the link in it, contact the admissions office and we will resend the link to you. If you would like to apply by mail, simply print a copy of the application and mail it to us. If you’ve attended Elim within the past 3 semesters and want to reapply, you can reapply online.

Start Now. Finish Later.

There’s no pressure for you to complete the entire application in one sitting. At any point, should you get bumped off the internet, have to leave for an appointment or are simply stuck, you may close your browser. All of your information will be saved and ready for the next time you access the form. Just click the link that was sent to the e-mail you provided and you’ll be taken to your application.

Don’t Forget These Documents!

Although the bulk of your application will be completed online, there are some documents you’ll need to print out and complete manually. You may fax your completed forms to us, email them to, or mail them to us at any time. For more information about any of these forms, check out ‘The Application Process‘.

International Student Requirements