Tuition and Fees

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Estimated Cost 2017-2018

The table below provides an estimate of our current costs. Students who are not living in the dorms should subtract the cost of room and board for an estimated cost. Some fees will be slightly lower if a student is not living in the dorms. Estimated cost below does not include internships, health insurance and student’s chosen costs (i.e. parking permit).

First-time International applicants, click here to see additional estimated costs to attend Elim. Note: International students may only elect to enroll at Elim full time.

2017-2018 Semester Year   Note
Full Time
(12+ credits/units)
Tuition $3,744 $7,488   Flat rate for 12 or more credits/units.
Room and Board $2,950 $5,900    
Fees $227 $454    Includes technology fee, class dues, yearbook, background check fee and resident fee*
*applied to dorm residents only
Est. Total $6,921 $13,842    
Part Time        
6 Credit per sem.
(Credit/Unit $312)
$1,872  $3,744   Enrolled in under 12 credits/units charged per credit/unit.
Room and Board $2,950 $5,900    
Fees $227 $454   Includes technology fee, class dues, yearbook, background check fee and resident fee*
*applied to dorm residents only
 Est. Total $5,049 $10,098   Estimate is based on a student living in the dorms and taking 6 credits/units each semester.
Summer 2017 Term available at special rate of $700 for one course of $1,300 for two courses (no additional fees charged).

Additional Fees

To see full listing of fees and descriptions reference the Academic Catalog. All fees are subject to change without notice.

  • Single Dorm Occupancy Fee: Additional cost of $650 per semester. (Student must be approved for single occupancy and only if available.)
  • Parking Permit Dorm Student/Commuter: $50/$25 per semester.
  • Course Fees: Additional fees may apply to specific courses.
  • Graduation Fee: $56 for cap, gown, and diploma. Students eligible to graduate from the A.A.S. degree program and the Applied Ministry Certificate program are required to submit an Intent to Graduate form. The requirements for graduation will be reviewed and if not met, the student is still required to pay the graduation fee and must re-apply the following year.
  • Admissions Packages: This fee applies to international students for the mailing of documents for the student’s admission to EBIC. Costs vary.
  • International Student Orientation Fee: $100 (1st Semester Freshmen Only)

Internship Costs

  • Year in the Son Internship Cost: $736 (Spring Semester)
  • Sophomore Internship Cost: $550* (Fall Semester)

*Non-dorm student cost $1,136

Student Families

Student families do not live in the dormitories and are not charged room and board. On-campus and off-campus apartment housing is available. These costs are not included. Estimated on-campus housing cost averages $600 – $1,000 per month depending on apartment size. Estimated off-campus housing costs (similar accommodations in the community) are $750 – $1,000 per month.