Summer Classes

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Summer Sessions for 2017 begins May 15–26. Each course is 2 weeks and is held MondayFriday in either the morning 8:00–12:00 or the afternoon 1:00–5:00. Both commuters and on-campus students are welcome. Cost for each course is $700, which includes tuition, room & board, and all fees. (Regular semester tuition is $312 per credit hour and does not include room & board or fees, so summer rates offer a big savings.) If you take 2 summer courses (morning & afternoon) for $1300, you’ll save even more! 

Please note: a course may not be offered if fewer than 5 students are enrolled. “Credits” courses are part of our accredited AAS program and are transferable; “units” courses are part of our 3rd year Applied Ministry Certificate program and may not be transferable. 
Registration deadline is April 30. To register or for more info, please contact the Registrar’s Office at 585-582-8218 or

Summer Courses 2017

Basic Christian Counseling 

This course is designed to deepen self-awareness, with steps leading to personal healing and growth and increased confidence in helping others with life’s problems, through the application of Scripture and godly human interaction. It introduces the scope and width of Christian Counseling methodology. 
[PSYC2013, taught by William Turner; 3 units.]

College Composition

Focuses on the basic tools and skills necessary for effective written and oral communication, including the accurate use of grammar, spelling, punctuation, style and composition formats. 
[ENGL1013, taught by Elizabeth Ose; 3 credits]

Foundations for Life

This course focuses on fulfilling the Great Commission at a personal level by teaching students how to establish discipling relationships, nurture young Christians, walk in the Spirit, develop your prayer life, discover your spiritual gifts, live a holy life, 
attain financial freedom, realize a godly self-image, 
and maintain physical health. 
[PRTH1013, taught by Rev. Stacy Cline; 3 credits.]

History of the Christian Church

An historical analysis of the Church enables students to gain an understanding of the primary leaders, movements, and schools of thought throughout the centuries. 
[HIST2013, taught by Dr. John Miller; 3 credits]

Worship Leadership

Learn how to bring people into the presence of the Lord. The course includes learning the technical skills, the nature of biblical worship, and the heart of the worship leader. 
[MUSC2023, taught by Dick Grout; 3 units]


Learn how to effectively defend your faith as we contrast the biblical view of life with various other positions. 
[PHIL2023, taught by Dr. Nathan Sanders; 3 units.]

Business Math

Learn practical principles of personal finance and church / para-church financial records & accounting. 
[MATH1033, taught by Mary Lynn Kniley; 3 credits]

Refund Policy

Student dropping a course prior to the commencing of the class (Monday at 9:00AM) will receive a full refund. Dropping prior to or by 1:00PM the first day of class will receive an 80% tuition refund, but no fees will be refunded. There will be no tuition refunds after 1:00PM the first day of classes.

To learn more about Summer 2016, please contact the Academic Department.