Year in the Son

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Students today—both young and old—want to better understand not only what they believe, but also why they believe it and how to implement it in culturally relevant ways. Our Year in the Son program gives you the opportunity to do that in just two semesters on campus, as you use this focused time to study God’s Word, encounter Him in a unique way and receive practical, hands-on training. You can choose from the six different concentrations below, each with a unique focus and purpose.

You will learn how to hear God through His Word, set and pursue long-term goals, and build foundations for lifelong relationships. In addition, you will receive an overview of God’s eternal purposes, gain an understanding of true spiritual freedom, and maintain a better grasp of God’s will for your life.

To complete the Year in the Son program, you will also participate in three weeks of hands-on urban evangelism and ministry at NYSUM (New York School of Urban Ministry)  in New York City, and participate in a weekly student ministry.

Students who complete Year in the Son can transfer directly into the second year of our Associate Degree.

Some courses may transfer into this program. Click here for more information.

For information about the Year in the Son certificate requirements, please see our Academic Catalog.


In addition to the core curriculum, you can choose from the five different concentrations below, each with a unique focus and purpose.


Are you are unsure of what God’s call is for your life? Are you ready for a change and looking for direction for the next step? Then spend a year in the Crossroads program. Besides valuable Biblical studies, you’ll receive life coaching in how to find the will of God for your life now and leave with practical tools to pursue it.


The Spiritual Formation emphasis will help you discern God’s will in Scripture, the “still small voice”, prophecy, dreams and pastoral counsel. In addition to the core Bible courses, you’ll explore spiritual disciplines of fasting, prayer and meditation.


We recognize the importance of raising up the next generation of believers, so we love to pour into our students who feel called to reach them. In addition to core Bible courses, you’ll have specialized classes in youth ministry and discipleship. You’ll also get participate in and helping to organize and run several youth conferences attended by thousands of young adults.


In our Worship Leadership program, you’ll study God’s Word as well as acquire practical tools in music theory, worship leading and song arrangement. You’ll be encouraged and inspired to help fill the need for anointed and gifted musicians in our culture and leave campus equipped to use your God-given talents to influence your generation.


Our Missions concentration is taught by people who have served on the field for decades. Through courses in missionary living, cultures and customs, and spiritual warfare, your passion for people around the world will be taken to the next level. You’ll finish the year not only with a solid Biblical foundation, but also equipped to reach the lost in various cultures—ready to win and disciple lives for Christ wherever you are called.