Applied Ministry Certificate

Prepared for leadership & ministry!

If your goal is to be a full-time pastor, missionary, youth worker, worship leader, or nonprofit executive, this is the program for you! Graduates have the opportunity to leave as licensed Christian ministers with an official accrediting body.

You will receive practical, hands-on training and instruction within a specific concentration (30 units). You will also gain ministry experience through student ministries, coursework related to your concentration, and vocational training. This program is a non-credit, certificate program. Several transfer partner colleges have special arrangements with Elim to accept graduates of this program into 1-year Bachelor degree programs.

Note: applicants must complete the 2-year Associates Degree in Religious & Biblical Studies as a prerequisite for this program.

For information about program requirements, see the Academic Catalog. Some courses taken elsewhere may transfer into this program.

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The Ministry Concentration focuses on providing training for pastoral and evangelistic ministry. It includes instruction in pastoral ministry, management, basic counseling, ethics, as well as practical experience in sermon preparation and delivery. It’s designed to give you a well-rounded education in how ministry works and how various types of ministries can be successfully organized and run.

While many students take this concentration because they want to enter full-time ministry, it is also designed to be relevant to people who want just want to build a foundation of being a minister of God’s truth before moving on to another profession.


The Missions Concentration is centered on training you to boldly take the Gospel to the nations through practical experiences and courses in cultures & customs, missionary life and world religions. Missions has always been a big part of the vision and heart of Elim Bible Institute & College, and our goal today is still to see workers prepared and sent out to spread the Gospel to the darkest places of the world.

Worship Leadership

For budding worship leaders and musicians, this concentration offers training in leading God’s people into the presence of the Lord through Elim’s Worship Leadership courses like Worship Leadership, Music Theory, Worship & Cultural Expression and Worship Lab taught by gifted and experienced musicians and songwriters.  Add in required ministry experiences and you’ll leave equipped to use your musical gifts for God’s glory.

Youth ministry

Do you have a dream to reach children and young adults for Christ? This concentration is designed to prepare students for youth ministry. It includes the Youth Ministry courses and the Pedagogy & Camp Leadership course. You will also get hands-on experience by participating in and helping to organize and run several youth conferences attended by thousands of young people.

Course Map: Applied Ministry Certificate

The following courses represent the core courses all Applied Ministry students take, along with the concentration courses specifically selected to assist you in growing in your desired focus. See the Academic Catalog for more information.

Fall Semester Credits/Units
Public Speaking & Preaching II 3
Spiritual Formations RTF 3
Apologetics I 3
Concentration Course 3
Concentration Course 3
Total 15
Spring Semester Credits/Units
Theology IV 3
Philosophy of Christian Music 3
Concentration Course 3
Concentration Course 3
Elective 3
Total 15


  • FALL: Pastoral Ministry
  • FALL: Worship Leadership I
  • SPRING: Prophetic Ministry
  • SPRING: Elective


  • FALL: World Religions
  • FALL: Cultures & Customs
  • SPRING: Missionary Life
  • SPRING: Prophetic Ministry
  • SPRING: History of Missions

Worship Leadership

  • FALL: Worship Leadership I
  • FALL: Music Theory I
  • SPRING: Worship & Cultural Expression
  • SPRING: Worship Leadership Lab

Youth Ministry

  • FALL: Youth Ministry I
  • FALL: Pastoral Ministry
  • SPRING: Youth Ministry II
  • SPRING: Pedagogy & Camp Leadership

Elective Courses

See Academic Catalog for full list of electives.

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