A.A.S. Degree

Biblical & Theological Studies Degree

If your goal is to obtain a well-rounded foundation in Bible Study and theology, our accredited Associate Degree in Biblical and Theological Studies is for you! The two years of this program are designed to give you a well-rounded education and a solid Biblical foundation.

The A.A.S. degree program is designed for students who desire to be prepared for ministry and to take a first step towards an advanced college degree. Because a firm foundation in the Bible is essential before genuine Christian ministry can take place, Elim emphasizes the Bible in its curriculum. This program is a first step for students planning to matriculate into a Bachelor degree program at a four-year college.

For information about program requirements, see the Academic Catalog. Some courses taken elsewhere may transfer into this program.

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email: academics@elim.edu

Bible Concentration

The A.A.S. degree program places the Bible as it’s primary concentration. Since it’s inception in 1924, Elim has required students to keep the Word of God a central part of their instruction. As an A.A.S. student, you will graduate with a degree in Biblical & Theological Studies, which will serve you wherever you serve in ministry and life!

Practical Experience

Elim is more than an academic institution. It imparts a heart for ministry and provides students with in-depth practical experience. Students experience hands-on ministry in the local community through their Student Ministry. They also participate in a three-week internship in New York City, providing them intense opportunities to grow and learn in an urban ministry environment.

Prepared for Further Education

Elim’s two-year, 62-credit A.A.S. degree is fully accredited and registered by the NY State Board of Regents. Graduates will be prepared to further their college career with a solid degree which will easily transfer into other Christian college degree programs. Students may enroll in a wide range of Bachelor programs (not just Bible) at other colleges with this degree.

Stay tuned to learn more about Elim’s plans to launch a Bachelor’s degree in 2021!


Since Elim is an approved Title IV school, U.S. applicants have the opportunity to apply for federal and state aid. Over 95% of our students receive some form of financial assistance from the government and/or from Elim. Since Elim’s costs are already very reasonably priced, many of our students are surprised when they receive their award notice and realize that they can actually afford to pursue their degree at Elim.

Course Map: A.A.S. Degree in Biblical & Theological Studies

The following courses represent the core courses all A.A.S. students take, along with the concentration courses specifically selected to assist you in growing in your desired focus. See the Academic Catalog for more information.


Fall Semester Credits/Units
Old Testament Literature 3
Computer Skills 3
College Composition 3
Foundations for Life 3
Hermeneutics 3
College Success 1
Total 16
Spring Semester Credits/Units
New Testament Literature 3
Marriage and the Family 3
Theology I 3
Christian Worldview & Ethics 3
Bible Elective 3
Primary Internship 3
Total 18


Fall Semester Credits/Units
Degree Internship 1
History of the Christian Church 3
History of Ancient Israel 3
Theology II 3
Apologetics I 3
Total 13
Spring Semester Credits/Units
Romans & Galatians 3
Public Speaking & Preaching I 3
Evangelism in a Postmodern World 3
Theology III 3
Bible Elective 3
Total 15


Fall Semester Credits/Units
Hebrew Poetry & Wisdom Literature 3
John’s Writings 3
Acts & Paul’s Letters 3
Spring Semester Credits/Units
Prophets of Israel 3
Synoptic Gospels 3

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