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【翌日発送可能】 ヤンキース/ [US輸入6DVD]あす楽/送料無料 Yankee of Games Essential-野球




● 1976 ALCS GAME 5 VS. KANSAS CITY ROYALS: Chris Chambliss' walk-off HR sends the Yankees to their first World Series since 1964.

● 1977 WORLD SERIES GAME 6 VS. LOS ANGELES DODGERS: "Mr. October" Reggie Jackson's historic three home run-game propels the Bronx Bombers to another World Series Championship. (Also available with 1977 World Series Set)

● 1995 ALDS GAME 2 VS. SEATTLE MARINERS: This 15-inning drama ended with Jim Leyritz's walk-off home run and featured home runs from Don Mattingly, Paul O'Neill, and Ruben Sierra. WIth 3 &1/3 innings in relief a young Mariano Rivera notched the win.

● 1996 WORLD SERIES GAME 6 VS. ATLANTA BRAVES: After New York lost the first two games of the 1996 World Series, they won the next four and finished with a Game 6-celebration that shook Yankee Stadium with delight.

● 2001 WORLD SERIES GAME 4 VS. ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS: History unfolded when Tino Martinez hit a 2-out, bottom of the 9th, two-run homer to tie the game. Then in the 10th, "Mr. November" Derek Jeter's game-winning home run ended another remarkable victory. (Also available with Yankees Fall Classic Collector's Edition)

● 2003 ALCS GAME 7 VS. BOSTON RED SOX: With a World Series appearance at stake, aces on the mound, and white knuckles everywhere, Aaron Boone stroked the game-winning home run to seal the Yankees' 11-inning victory