Moments with God that will change your life

Chapel services are one of Elim’s primary ways to instill vision, develop character, and create an environment for students to meet with God. Chapels often become defining moments in students’ spiritual lives. Students also receive practical experience leading ministry sessions as members of worship and tech teams. Chapels are scheduled every Tuesday through Friday at 11AM.


During All-Elim chapels, the entire Elim campus gathers to worship together, pray and occasionally hear guest speakers. EBI&C students and staff are joined by the staffs of the other campus ministries and area ministers including Elim Fellowship, Elim Gospel Church, BASIC College Ministries, Campus Target and Helimission.


During President’s Chapel, President Mike Cavanaugh usually imparts teaching and vision to the student body. Pastor Mike is a sought-after speaker known for his clarity, humor, and use of illustration.


Wednesday chapels rotate among various purposes including missions emphasis, men’s & women’s chapels, or each class year meeting separately.


Patmos chapels emphasize worship and prayer. They are normally student-led and provide opportunities for extended personal reflection.

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