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Recommend your alma mater to a prospective student

Did you know that recommendations from alumni are one of the top 3 reasons new students choose to attend Elim? Are there some young people you know—children, grandchildren, teens or young adults in your church or family—that you could encourage to become students now? We have Discovery Days each fall and spring, where they can come check it out. 

Alumni News

What’s new in the lives of your Elim classmates? Did they get married, have a baby, move, write a book, change jobs? Click on the blue button “Alumni News—the Latest” below to see what they’ve posted.
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Follow what’s happening at Elim

We’d love to send you the school’s Bell Tower magazine so you can know what’s happening on campus. If haven’t been receiving a copy, please click here to give us your current contact information. 

Check out videos of past All Elim Chapels or listen on iTunes and enjoy them at your convenience. And of course, if you’re in the area on a Thursday at 11am, join us at All Elim Chapel at Elim Gospel Church, then stay for lunch in the dining hall! Check here for more details

Give back—volunteer on campus

Volunteers make a HUGE difference at Elim, especially when they give their time toward campus improvement projects during the summer! It is amazing what we have already seen accomplished when people get a heart for one of these projects. Sometimes whole churches or businesses get involved. As an alumnus, why not coordinate with others from your Elim class to come work on campus together for a few days and enjoy a reunion at the same time (Contact Us for reunion ideas).

Any help can make a big difference in keeping our campus in good condition—whether you have a specific skill like carpentry, masonry, plumbing or HVAC…or if you’re just willing to pick up a paint brush or serve wherever needed. Some volunteers come for a few hours, others for a day or a week. Some come alone, while others organize a team to work together. For us, it is like the cavalry showing up to save the day! All workers who come to volunteer their time will be housed and fed on campus at no cost. You can also participate in the weekly summer chapel services and enjoy the campus during the beautiful upstate NY summer. 

If you would be willing to come yourself or help organize a team to volunteer, or for more information, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Jack Thorpe at or 585-694-6161. Hope to see you this summer!

Volunteer On Campus

Keep us up to date

Things change through the years. Have you got married, added children to the family, or changed your address or email? Tell us! 

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Talk to us

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