Discovery Days

Attend classes. Meet students.
Experience Elim.

Discovery Days is a FREE two day retreat designed for high school students and young adults to age 24. You will experience student life at Elim by sitting in on a class, attending a chapel service, joining the student body for meals in the cafeteria, participating in fun activities on campus, staying with students, meeting key leaders and faculty, and more.

Special sessions give a comprehensive overview of Elim’s academic programs, admissions requirements, and financial aid packages.

Our goal is that you will leave Discovery Days with a clearer view of God’s will for your future!

Note: This fall our Discovery Days event (Nov 6-8) is coordinated with Elim Fellowship’s Saturate Youth Conference (Nov 7-9). If you are attending Saturate come a day early and discover what it’s like to attend college at Elim. You’ll only pay $50 for the conference and you’ll receive free room and board for the whole event! Register below.


Upcoming dates

  • October 15th – Open House
  • November 6-8 Discovery Days
  • February 4th – Open House
  • March 5-8th – Peek Week
  • April 1-3 Discovery Days
  • April 24th – Accepted Student Days


7245 College Street
Lima, NY 14485

Once registered, you’ll receive more information about arrival times and what you should plan on bringing. If a student or group needs to arrive earlier or later than the time provided, please contact our Recruitment Office at (585) 582-8292 or

We also provide free housing and meals to youth leaders or pastors who bring a group of students to Discovery Days. This free housing is limited, so you must contact us to reserve housing prior to the event you’re attending.

  • I felt like this was home. I didn’t feel judged like I do in school. It was a great place to be for the weekend.

    Discovery Days Guest
  • I grew so much in just one weekend. I can't imagine the amount of growth I could experience in a year at Elim, but I am so eager to find out. Elim is so much more than just a school, it's a family, it's a place where young people can go to nurture their faith, and see where God wants to take them in this big world. That is something I would love to be a part of. By the end of my stay at Discovery Days I was no longer frightened, but ecstatic about God's plan for my life.

    Lizzy Cimetta
    Lizzy Cimetta Current Student
  • "From the moment I arrived, I felt God talking to me and showing me visions"

    Discovery Days Guest
  • When I was at Discovery Days I saw exactly why God is calling me to Elim. I have never met a group of people as caring, and welcoming, as the students I met during my stay. The presence of the Holy Spirit was so prevalent everywhere I went. The chapel was amazing, and I started to imagine what it would be like to experience that almost every day.  I felt like this was a place where I truly fit.

    Lizzy Cimetta
    Lizzy Cimetta Current Student
  • I recently attended Discovery Days at Elim and was blown away by the fellowship and peace that I felt there.  I kept commenting to my friends at how peaceful it was/is.  I could see the love that the teachers had for the students and as I chatted with the students throughout the day, they had only positive things to say.   I would love to be a part of a place that strongly desires to see spiritual leaders

    Discovery Days Guest


If you’d like to visit the Elim campus but aren’t able to attend on of our events, schedule a personal tour instead!

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