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Elim is more than just an academic institution. It is also a place where students can experience transformation in every area of their lives as they are prepared for worldwide ministry. This opportunity for transformation wouldn’t be possible without the continued support of alumni and friends who believe in Elim’s mission.

To partner with us financially, you can give by selecting the most appropriate option below. Please be sure to specify the fund you are choosing. You may also opt to support a specific student (donations to specific students are not tax-deductible.)


You are welcome to support a specific student (donations to specific students are not tax-deductible). During the checkout process, please be sure to include the student’s name.


To review descriptions about our other giving options, check out the giving categories shown below or simply browse to our donor page to give now.


Our Miracle Story

God is doing an incredible work at Elim Bible Institute and College, preparing future selfless leaders for global revival and worldwide ministry. His work continues at Elim through generous donors and often miraculous financial gifts. Student fees do not cover all of Elim’s annual expenses, especially during seasons of low enrollment. Generous giving from people who love Elim is what makes the difference each year. Will you join us and be a part of this year’s Miracle Story?  Donate Now


International Student Scholarship Fund

Students from all around the globe hear God’s voice calling them to be trained for ministry at Elim, but often these internationals lack the financial resources needed to successfully do so. Donations to the International Student Scholarship Fund enables us to provide scholarships and work-study opportunities for these needy students and further expand Elim’s mission of preparing Christ-centered, Spirit-empowered servant leaders for global revival. Donate Now


Carlton Spencer Memorial Campus Restoration Fund

As our second and longest-serving President, Carlton Spencer oversaw growth in both the school’s facilities and its worldwide impact. The purpose of this fund in his memory is to make capital improvements to the Lima, NY campus that Carlton led Elim to purchase in 1951. Many times he described the faith it took to believe God for the mortgage payment each month. Stories are told of Bro. Spencer going into a chapel not knowing where the mortgage would come from that week and then leading the students to praise God for His supply of the payment. The Lord never failed him. Would you consider making a gift in memory of this great man of God to keep alive the campus that he expressed so much faith to get for us? Donate Now


Scholarship Fund

While EBI&C works hard to keep the cost of tuition and room & board as low as possible, we do not want finances to keep any student from fulfilling his or her calling. Therefore, many of the students who attend EBI&C receive some kind of financial aid package. Some scholarships provide assistance based solely on need, while others are given to students who fit specific criteria. Our scholarship fund was created to help these students move forward in their pursuit of training for ministry. Donate Now


Where Needed Most

If you don’t see a giving option that meets your needs, use this option and please designate in the ‘Comments’ section during checkout whether you would like your gift to go to ‘Where Needed Most’ or towards another specific purpose. Donate Now