Elim students have the benefit of participating in several conferences and special events sponsored by Elim-related ministries, most of which are held on the campus throughout the year.

  • Elim Fellowship Leadership Conference. This annual conference is attended by hundreds of pastors, missionaries and other leaders and is held right on the Elim campus. While attending (and sometimes helping serve at) this 3-day event, students get to hear inspirational and very practical teaching, as well as rub shoulders with pastors and experienced ministry leaders. 
  • Elim Fellowship regional events. Students attend a couple of small regional events for Elim Fellowship ministers.
  • Missions Emphasis Week. During a week each fall, classes are cancelled so students can attend special EBI&C meetings focused on missions, as well as the 3-day Ethnos Conference sponsored by Elim Fellowship.
  • Saturate. Students participate in this youth and young adult conference, which is sponsored by Elim Fellowship and held on the campus each fall. Some students also get involved in the planning and implementation of the event and learn what goes on behind the scenes of  hosting a conference attended by hundreds of young people.
  • BASICcon. These semi-annual conferences for college students and young adults are sponsored by BASIC College Ministries and held each fall and spring semester in nearby Rochester, NY. Although EBI&C students are not required to attend, they may register at a greatly reduced rate and participate with several hundred other young adults from campuses across the Northeast. Some students get further involved in the planning and implementation or volunteer to work at the events.
  • Elim Gospel Church hosts special speakers and conferences which Elim students can attend.