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It is quite common for parents to have a lot of questions about sending their children to college. We’ve attempted to answer some Frequently Asked Questions here. If you have further questions, please give us a call at 1-800-670-3546 or email us on our Contact Us page

How does financial aid work?

Many of our students receive financial aid packages from EBI&C. Aid packages can include a variety of scholarships and work-study. Click here for more information about financial aid. 

When do we need to pay for each semester?

Getting everything submitted on time is important to avoid any late fees. We have a list of financial deadlines that will help you make sure everything is turned in and paid for on time.

Is there a dress code at Elim?

There are a few restrictions about what students may wear to classes and chapels. Learn more by visiting the “Community Life Guidelines” in the Student Handbook

Can my student bring their car with them to campus?

Yes, students may bring cars. They will need to fill out a car registration form and pay a $50 parking permit fee. Any parking rules/limitations will be explained to them once they fill out the registration form.

Is there a bookstore on campus where students can buy books and supplies?

We no longer operate a bookstore on campus. The Elim Library is the home to thousands of resources needed for classes and research. While most students order their textbooks online, the library additionally keeps one copy of each required textbook on reserve during the semester. These textbooks cannot be checked out but can be utilized within the library facility during normal open hours.

Is WiFi available on campus?

Most of the buildings on campus do have WiFi access. In dorm rooms, direct internet hookups are provided, but students will need to provide their own wireless router if they want to have WiFi in their room. There are also several computers in the Student Center and the Library that students may use.