Weekly Chapels

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Weekly Chapels

Weekly chapels serve as one of Elim’s primary means to communicate vision, provide ongoing discipleship & biblical training, and provide an environment for students to meet with God and grow in Him. Many of these chapel services will become life-forming defining moments in students’ spiritual lives.

Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday

We host a one-hour chapel for the students on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Fridays. Each day’s chapel has a different emphasis. Tuesdays are President’s Chapel, when President Mike Cavanaugh usually imparts teaching and vision to the student body. Wednesday chapels rotate various purposes including missions, men & women meeting separately, or chapels divided into classes. Fridays are called the Patmos Chapels and has a special emphasis on worship and prayer.

Thursday All Elim Chapel

On Thursdays, the whole Elim campus (including out of town guests & area pastors/leaders) gathers to worship together and pray for revival on the Elim campus, in local communities, our nation and around the world. Elim students and staff are joined by the staffs of other Lima-based ministries, including, Elim Fellowship, Elim Gospel Church, BASIC College Ministries, Campus Target and Helimission

All Elim Chapels are 11am–noon EST on most Thursdays during the school year.

Guests are welcome to attend at all times. Due to the prayer-oriented nature of this chapel, it is no longer available as a Live Stream.