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The missing piece is you

At Elim, there are many opportunities to get involved with campus activities. You can learn a new skill like photography or share your hidden talents with others at the annual talent show! Your God-given abilities will be put to good use here at Elim!

Intramural Sports

Like the Apostle Paul running the good race can be a “reality” when you become involved with intramural sports here at Elim. Soccer, volleyball, basketball, and football are all venues in which skill and fun are experienced by both participants and observers!

Student Government

The Student Government is composed of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Male and Female representatives for each class.  The President and Vice President are voted into office by the members of the respective classes. The Student Government members are led by staff advisors and interact with  Dean of Students to effectively lead their classes.

Yearbook Team

The Yearbook team photographs and creates the Yearbook for each respective graduating class. The team takes creative pictures of life here at Elim as well as the yearly pictures of graduating students, executive team, faculty, and staff. They also enjoy writing descriptive copy of that live here on campus for the Yearbook . It is a fun filled and creative experience with like minded and gifted students here at Elim!

Videography & Photography

If you enjoy taking videos and pictures on your phone then you will LOVE this fun activity! Videographers and photographers capture the exuberant life that is lived here at Elim. From videos of sports played to the inventive portrayals done in Theatre by the Elim Players the Elim videographers and photographers have a front row seat. Come and participate in history in the making here at Elim through videos and photos!

Sound & Tech

If you enjoy the technological age in which we live you might find a real “niche” for yourself working on the Sound and Tech crew! Troubleshooting, creating, and mounting polls will use your newly discovered interests and skills on this necessary and important group of individuals.

Worship Teams

Our worship teams are awesome! Their insight, musical talent, and heart for the Lord are evident whenever we meet as a community here on campus. The I.Q. Spencer Tabernacle encases their sound as we send our praise to the Most High God in worship.

Elim has a rich history of fun campus traditions, some of which hark back to the very early years of Elim and carried through into today’s annual activity!

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Student Led Activities

There are many opportunities for students to engage in and lead activities on and off campus. Whether serving as volunteers at one of the many conferences on-campus, hosting a bible study or prayer meeting or planning a fun activity, students always have opportunities to grow and lead.

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