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Online classes are a great way to strengthen the spiritual foundation in your life, increase Bible knowledge, preview the Elim experience. It’s also an ideal option for those who can’t live on-campus but wish to start or finish their education with a Bible degree.

Alumni, contact the registrar at 585-582-8218 to discuss what courses are available and how you might fulfill your goals of completing your degree. Online courses are currently not available to Internationals and residents of California.

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Online enrollment for the Fall of 2019 will open soon!
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Admissions Dept. Contact Info
phone: (800) 670-3546
fax: (585) 582-8130

Available Online Courses

The following courses represent the available online courses being offered in upcoming semesters. We have included which program each course applies to and whether it will be available in the Synchronous or Asynchronous format (learn more about online formats here.) See the Academic Catalog for more information.

Summer 2019 Semester Program Format
College Composition AAS A
History of the Christian Church AAS A
Prophets of Israel AAS* A
Theology I LAU/AAS A
Romans & Galatians AAS A
Synoptic Gospels AAS* A
Christian Worldview & Ethics LAU*/AAS A
Fall 2019 Semester Program Format
To Be Announced TBA TBA


  • LAU = Launch Program
  • AAS = A.A.S. Degree Program
  • AMS = Applied Ministry Program

* Denotes courses that are electives or concentration specific.


  • S = Synchronous Format
  • A = Asynchronous Format
  • A/S = Synchronous or Asynchronous Format

Launch Program

Launch is a one year program designed to provide students with a solid spiritual foundation for life.

A.A.S. Degree Program

Pursue your passions while receiving an Associates Degree in Religious and Biblical Studies.

Applied Ministry Certificate

The Applied Ministry program equips students to be Christian leaders and ministers in today’s world.

Explanation of Online Formats

There are two formats by which an online class may be delivered to online students. It is very important that applicants pay attention to the format being offered for their class(es) of choice, as it may affect their ability to successfully complete the course.

SYNCHRONOUS – Students must log in at the time the class is offered and is able to have the same experience as an on-campus student. Utilizing a simple webcam and the internet, students will join Elim’s students and participate in class live. It’s a great experience! (For more information contact the registrar at 585-582-8218.)

ASYNCHRONOUS – This option is ideal for individuals who wish to receive their education while balancing school with other responsibilities and are unavailable during the day. Students will still need to login regularly to Elim’s College Management System (requiring a reliable laptop and a good internet connection) in order to have access to course materials and resources, complete assignments and interact with faculty and classmates. Students will have much more scheduling flexibility and be able to study in the comfort of their own home.

Applicants should note which format is available for each class in which they wish to enroll. Some classes only offer one or the other format, while others offer both formats. In cases where both options are available, applicants will be required to notify the Academic Department which format they prefer. They may not switch formats once the semester has begun.

NOTE: classes must have a minimum of 5 participants for the class to proceed. Enrollment of less than 5 in these classes may result in the class being cancelled. A determination of cancellation of the class will be communicated to participants by the end of the first week of classes, after the Add period is over.

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