Peek Week

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Upcoming dates

  • March 5-8th – Peek Week
  • April 1-2 Discovery Days
  • April 24th – Accepted Student Days
  • May 4th – Open House


7245 College Street
Lima, NY 14485

Peek Week is an epic weekend-long experience designed to help you experience what serving the Lord can REALLY be like.

If you’ve never had one of those gritty, raw, adrenaline-pumping moments where you’re standing face to face with someone who is desperate for the hope and love of Jesus, buckle up, Peek Week is for you. You’ll live on campus for 3 nights, you’ll race through scavenger hunts, games, unforgettable worship nights, provocative messages, and most of all – you’ll do real ministry. Maybe you’ll write and preform a worship song at a homeless shelter, or maybe you’ll share your testimony on the street, or maybe you’ll pray for a stranger to be healed. Whatever it is you step out in, we’ll train you first, then we’ll send you out (with a team) and watch as the Lord uses you.

By the end of Peek Week we think you’ll agree with us that everything else pales in light of being used for God’s purposes.

You must be 16 or older to participate in this event.

Once registered, you’ll receive more information about arrival times and what you should plan on bringing. If a student or group needs to arrive earlier or later than the time provided, please contact our Recruitment Office at (585) 582-8292 or

We also provide free housing and meals to youth leaders or pastors who bring a group of students to Discovery Days. This free housing is limited, so you must contact us to reserve housing prior to the event you’re attending.


If you’d like to visit the Elim campus but aren’t able to attend on of our events, schedule a personal tour instead!

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