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The fall of 2018 marked Elim’s reintroduction of online courses since receiving official accreditation. We are offering several courses (below) to online students each semester.

Call the Admissions office at 585-582-1230, email us at or chat online live during business hours if you have any questions.


There are two formats by which an online class may be delivered to online students. It is very important that applicants pay attention to the format being offered for their class(es) of choice, as it may affect their ability to successfully complete the course.


We have a limited number of openings for each course. Once the course reaches capacity, it will be closed and applicants will be placed on a waiting list in case someone cancels prior to the first day of classes. 


All first-time online students must complete an online orientation PRIOR to starting the course (semester). The online orientation will be made available to all enrolled students one month prior to starting the class.


For our first year, we are only receiving applications from U.S. citizens. Additionally, California residents are not eligible for online classes since the state is not a registered member of SARA. Finally, we are not receiving applications for audited courses online this year.


Eligible high school students may take a full 3-credit college course online for $180! That’s an amazing 80% savings! Get a head start on college while finishing high school! Learn More.


The current cost per credit at Elim is $316, meaning one 3-credit online course will be $948. There will also be a Tech Fee of $60 applied per semester. Note: Eligible high school students can take a college level online course at a discounted rate of $180 per course!


Elim Alumni or former students wishing to complete a program of study or register for another program, keep in mind that only some courses will be available online for each program this coming year. Contact the Registrar at  585-582-8218 to discuss what courses are available and how you might fulfill your goals.


Spring 2019 Online Courses

Theology III

This course focuses on Pneumatology (the person and work of the Holy Spirit) exploring the areas of charismatic gifts, ministries and the fruit of the Holy Spirit in one’s life.
[THEO2023; 3 credits; SYNCHRONOUS ONLY]

Prophets of Israel

This course focuses on prophet ministry as it occurs in the Old Testament and relevant applications for contemporary society. Such topics as origins, function, messages, and messiah will be discussed as found both in the non-writing and writing prophets. 
[BIBL2023; 3 credits; SYNCHRONOUS ONLY]

Pedagogy and Camp Leadership

This class will focus on two important aspects of ministry to children. First, its pedagogical aspect will train in the areas of childhood religious education curriculum development. Second, it will focus on the areas children’s recreational education and camp organization and administration.

Management for Christian Leaders

In this course, students will be exposed to the basic principles of leadership. They will learn how to better lead themselves, others as well as organizations. Course topics include productivity, emotional IQ, conflict management, servant leadership, caring for volunteers/staff, teamwork, hosting events, leading change, budgeting and delegation.

New Testament Literature

A general overture of the books of the New Testament with an emphasis of authorship, uniqueness, canonicity and historicity. It is an opportunity for the student to get to know the people, places, and events in the New Testament, and relate them to the times in which we live.
[BIBL1023; 3 credits; ASYNCHRONOUS ONLY]

Hebrew Poetry and Wisdom Literature

This in-depth study of Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon, and Ruth will aid students in making practical application of God’s timeless wisdom in a high-tech, stress-filled, impersonal world.

[BIBL1033; 3 credits; SYNCHR. ONLY]

Synoptic Gospels

An introduction of the writings of Matthew, Mark and Luke examining the life, work and person of Jesus Christ. It examines the similarities and contrasts between the synoptic gospels, exploring several genres of literary criticism.

[BIBL2033; 3 credits; SYNCHR. OR ASYNCHR.]

Spiritual Formation 1

This course is the study and exploration of personal and spiritual growth in the Pentecostal and Charismatic tradition. This course brings definition to spirituality and it provides practical tools for the student to utilize. The course will explore the historical perspective of spiritual formation. It will provide a forum for self-exploration and spiritual growth.
[PRTH3013; 3 credits; ASYNCHR. ONLY]

Basic Christian Counseling

This course is designed to deepened self-awareness, steps leading to personal healing and growth, and increased confidence in helping others with life’s problems, through the application of Scripture and through godly human interaction. It will introduce the scope and width of Christian Counseling methodology.
[PSYC3013; 3 units; SYNCHR. ONLY]

Christian Worldview & Ethics

The Christian Worldview and Ethics course aims to equip believers with an understanding of the Christian worldview and how it shapes morality and ethics. Special emphasis will be given to competing worldviews and how they change and weaken the beliefs and morals of unsuspecting Christians. Students in this course will learn how to compare and contrast the Christian worldview with other leading worldview systems. Students will strengthen their personal understanding and commitment to living out their Christian faith and witness in a world searching for clear, life-enhancing truths that have been tested and proven effective.
[PHIL1013; 3 units; ASYNCHR.]