Paying for School

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The steps below outline the details you should consider and the steps you’ll need to take to be financially prepared for coming to Elim Bible Institute and College.

1. Register for Classes

The first step is to find out what your training at Elim will cost. Your total cost depends on whether you live on-campus and how many classes you take. Visit our Tuition & Fees page to learn the cost of tuition, room & board, and other costs of attending Elim. If you are not yet a student, our Admissions Team can help you to finish the application process and get registered for your first semester!

Once you’ve registered, your charges will show up in your student account in Populi (your private online student account).

2. Find out about Financial Aid

Elim participates in and offers Federal Aid (includes the Pell Grant and Student Loans), New York State TAP (includes the TAP Grant), and Institutional Aid* (includes on-campus jobs [work-study] and/or scholarships). For more information about Financial Aid visit our Financial Aid page. 

*Please note that Institutional financial aid is reviewed annually and subject to change. 

3. Assess other Funding Options

Many of our students receive help from their family, friends, and churches. Some sources for you to consider are:

  1. Working during the summer and school year. Since Elim’s costs are so low, many students are able to pay for their entire Fall semester by working a minimum-wage job full-time during the summer.
  2. Consider sending out a support letter to family and friends.
  3. Talk to your pastor and your church. 

In addition, Elim is qualified to train persons receiving education benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs for the training of veterans under the G.I. bill. If you fit into this category, you may be able to receive financial assistance. Please Contact Us if you have questions about these programs.

4. Pay your Reservation Deposit: $250.00

All full-time applicants are required to pay a $250 non-refundable deposit by August 1 for the Fall semester. Mid-term freshman students need to pay the deposit by December 15 for the Spring semester. We will not reserve a dorm room or classroom space for you until we receive your deposit*. There is a $50 late fee if you pay after the deadline. You can pay your deposit through your account in Populi or by calling our Accounting Office at 585.582.8314.

5. Pay in Full, or Set up a Payment Plan

Once you’ve received your bill and we have notified you of your aid awards (if any), it’s time to take care of your balance. You can do this in two ways.

  1. Pay in Full. If you are able to pay your entire remaining balance in full, that’s great! You may do so in Populi or by contacting our accounting office at 585.582.8314. You can even receive discounts by paying your bill early! Important discount deadlines are listed on this page. It is very important to let us know ahead of time if you plan to pay in full, so that we know what your plans are. You must have this taken care no later then August 19th (Fall semester) and January 6th (Spring semester).*
  2. Set up a Payment Plan. If you’re not able to pay in full then, you will need to set up a payment plan. You will need to pay a portion of your bill up-front as a down payment, and then you can pay the rest of your balance on the 1st and 15th of each month throughout the semester. You must set this up and complete your down payment no later then August 19th (Fall semester) and January 6th (Spring semester).*

*1st semester international students: Deadlines are August 12th for the Fall and December 30th for the Spring semester.

A Message From the President

Elim is so much more than just another college. Students don’t come just to be educated, but to be transformed and equipped for ministry. We believe that ministry training at EBI&C includes learning how to handle finances so that each student can better pursue God’s call.