Student Leadership

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Being a good leader is an important part of ongoing ministry. That’s why we encourage Elim students to explore and strengthen their leadership skills through a myriad of opportunities. Some of these include:

Student Ministry Teams

Each student will experience real-life ministry & practice leadership through participation in a Student Ministry Team. Teams are assigned to serve weekly in different churches and ministries in the area or on campus. Opportunities include serving with local churches in children’s, youth & worship ministries; soup bus & street ministry; college ministry; assisting in the planning of a large conference; working with developmentally disabled adults; service planning and video; EBI&C choir; Helimission; and more.

Worship Teams

Students with skills to play an instrument or sing will have opportunities to serve on one of the Elim worship teams. Members of the teams gain valuable experience as they lead worship for our daily chapel services as well as special events. A few students will also be selected to travel with the Patmos Worship Ministry Team throughout the year and during the summer.

Resident Advisors (RAs & Lead RAs)

Resident Advisors are students who have shown leadership potential and are chosen to serve as leaders of their fellow students in dorm cadres.


Sophomore students will travel to New York City for 6 weeks to expand their practical, hands-on ministry experience. While based at the New York School of Urban Ministry, students will grow as they work together in teams serving in churches, homeless shelters and on the streets. 

Student Council

The Elim Student Council serves the whole student body by providing leadership in organizing campus events & activities and being a ‘voice’ for the students to the school.

Sports Council

The Sports Council plans and oversees campus sports events and activities, such as our basketball and volleyball leagues and one-time events like Ultimate Frisbee and PowderPuff Football.

Yearbook Team

The Yearbook Team oversees all aspects of the annual yearbook, including design, photography, finances, publishing and more.

And More…

Each year includes many more opportunities for students to grow and learn.