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Whether you want to pursue further education through online classes, request a transcript, or schedule a visit to campus, Elim is here for you.

As an alumna or alumnus, you have the opportunity to be an ambassador of Elim to the students in your life. If you refer a student who goes on to attend Elim, we’ll send you an exclusive Elim Alumni T-shirt for free!

The next generation is waiting.

Alumni Relations Info
phone: (585) 497-7947
fax: (585) 582-8130
Facebook group: Elim Bible Alumni

Alumni Partnership Initiatives

At Elim, we recognize that people are not influenced by brochures and advertisements, they are influenced by their relationships. For this reason, it is in Elim’s heart to build a relationship with our alumni and to empower them to influence the students in their life. The following initiatives are just a few of the ways that we offer our alumni special opportunities to stay connected with Elim and to use their influence to impact the next generation.

Elim is excited to offer a $500 scholarship to any full-time student that has been referred by an alumnus or alumna! Dependents of alumni who have completed an Elim certificate or degree program are eligible for a $1,000 scholarship per academic year (student must be enrolled full-time to be eligible for this opportunity). The two are mutually exclusive.

Furthermore, alumni that refer a student who goes on to attend Elim will be recognized with a plaque in College Hall and receive an exclusive Alumni T-Shirt! To take advantage of this opportunity, fill out the Refer a Student form HERE!

Note: Alumni Referral Scholarship will only be applied to full-time students who apply and attend Elim after being referred by an alumnus or alumna.

Elim is in the process of renovating an apartment on campus just for our alumni to come back and Reconnect and Recharge! Join us for up to three days and enjoy meals in the dining hall, relax in the student center, and experience God’s presence during chapel in the Tab!

This offer is only available during the academic year and pricing information is still pending. Contact our alumni liason at if you’re interested in a little R&R!

For alumni who have completed a program through Elim, we are proud to offer a 50% tuition discount for one course per academic year.

We will also be offering graduated alumni one FREE online course for the 2020/2021 academic year. Email our admissions department at or call 585-582-8260 for more information!

Become an Elim Ambassador

The most impactful advertisement Elim has is it’s alumni. Spanning generations, our servant-hearted, Spirit-filled alumni have gone into the world and made an impact. If you would like to partner with us in raising the next generation of world-changers, consider referring a student or handing out materials at your local church, youth group, or conference!

Any alumni who refers a student that attends Elim will receive an exclusive Elim Alumni t-shirt for free!

Stay Connected

Curious what Elim is up to? Read the latest from the Bell Tower or check out the Calendar of Events. You are always welcome! You can also join us at our official, private Facebook group! Here you can reconnect with old friends, learn about Elim today, or even participate in our Alumni Mentorship program!

The Next Step

If you’re wondering what the next step in your journey looks like, consider these ministry opportunities and educational resources!

Elim is proud to offer several online courses for full credit in the Fall, Spring, or Summer semester.

If you have any questions regarding our courses or articulation agreements, please contact our admissions office at 585-582-8260.

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