Meet the people guiding Elim

Our faculty & staff are what make Elim so special. They selflessly and sacrificially give above and beyond the call of duty to see students equipped to fulfill their individual callings in ministry.

Dr. Fred Antonelli

Dr. Fred Antonelli currently serves as President of Elim Bible Institute and College. Prior to his role at the college, Dr. Antonelli served on the Board of Directors, pastored for 23 years, founded Life Counseling Center, Inc. in Easton, Maryland and has been Executive Director of Agape Counseling Associates in Rochester, New York.

The mission of Elim has been protected and guided over the years through the men and women who have served as the Board of Directors. As leaders of the school, they meet regularly and help decide where God has called the school to go. The students and faculty look to the board as men and women who have invested time and prayer into their position and are placed into an office of authority by God.

Each one of the board members has a unique relationship with the school, and it’s through this relationship that they’re able to bring wisdom and insight. All of the members are leaders of their own churches, ministries and businesses and are responsible for decision-making and direction there as well. They work in conjunction with Elim’s president and faculty in order to direct the students and staff after the heart of God.

Rev. Ron Burgio, D. Min. (Chairman of the Board)
Clarence, NY

Rev. Fred Antonelli, Ph.D. (President)
Lima, NY

Rev. Chris Ball (Vice-Chairman of the Board)
Rush, NY

Rev. David Spencer (Secretary of the Board)
Lima, NY

Rev. Chris Leidlein (Treasurer of the Board)
Livonia, NY

Mr. Robert Wallace
Red Creek, NY

Rev. Jared Ruddy
Rochester, NY

Rev. Joshua Finley
Bel Air, MD

Rev. Joseph Nettleton
Pensacola, FL

Mr. Brian Johansson
Clinton, PA

Dr. Steve Greene

Rev. Bernard Evans (Special Counsel)
Lima, NY

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